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Welcome to the official remix contest for "Blask Słońca" 

from VeryCherry & Breaktur feat. needqa



VeryCherry first wrote the lyrics and composed the melody.

Then he asked needqa to sing.

Breaktur, after listening, was excited by needqa's voice and the melodies.

He extended the arrangement, added fx sounds, changes in drums etc.

Together with VeryCherry they made the final touches to the song.

Meanwhile, VeryCherry had the idea for a contest, so here we gooo!

Test your might! Download the stems below and have a lot of fun!





- the prize is a remix release and 50% of royalties to the artist

- deadline for submission: October 16, 2021

- send remix in mp3 320kbps to fullsteprecords@gmail.com

- the remix MUST contain a vocal stem

- any genre/style of music allowed

- one entry per participant

- the winner will be announced on October 21, 2021 on our social networks and website

- stems are available for use in this contest only



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